miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

About English

Hola holitaaaa!!

Here I am, writing again in my blog as I promissed. This time I'd like to write about what's going on in my life. Hence, I'll talk about the latest news that accur to me, such as my fears and worries for my future.
First of all, let's talk about my academic future and my plans. As you know, I want to "opositar", so I have to take lessons to achieve my objective. and here's where the story begins. I was really worried for not having a teacher who could get me ready for such an important exam. In the end, I was lucky and fate shone to me. Hence, I'm going to be taught for my "oposiciones", fcat that makes me really happy. Now, this means a lot of work to be done by myself: I have to study a lot and get better on my English, not only spoken, but also written. This is the reason why I'm practising (you should know that I've written this first by hand in my notebook because I need to get used to handwritting again in order not to get tired when I'm being tested).
Second of all, I need to improve my English in general terms. I mean, I need to learn vocabulary and be able to use it when speaking/writing, so that my english looks more alike to a Proficiency level one. (God! I like these pens I bought!They are pretty good in spite of being cheap). It's a pity that my handwriting looks really bad and ugly. Why? I mean, I used to write a lot, but if I have to write quickly it suddenly becomes a monster!THIS DIDN'T USE TO HAPPEN!!! I used to take notes quickly and with a beautiful handwriting, and now I'm not able to do it....WHY? (ok, I know, this last paragraph is a mess!hahaha I usually write things as they come to my mind. I think this is funnier for a blog. It's a more informal and natural way of writing. I'm trying to remember how this type of writing was called....stream-writing? self-stream? ohhhh...I remember that I've studied it in my literature lessons but I can't remember it now!!)
ok. To sum up, I really need to improve my English! I think I'll write some essays but, in order to do it more interesting I'd like to upload them to my blog. Maybe I could write about some questions that I have about the English language.Here's one: I keep reading stuff in English and watching things in English, but my English doen't seem to improve. Why is it so?We've always been taught that reading in English will help us to acquire a better level, but it doesn't look like that to me! It's like I'm working a lot my passive knowledge but the active remains passive (sardonics, uhm?) I barely have chances to speak  in English with somebody or to write to someone in English. I can write in English, as I'm doing here, but it would be cooler if someone correct my mistakes (otherwise, I'll keep making the same mistakes).
Last but not least, I'm teaching some kids at home and I'm going to work in an Academy, too. This last will help me with my oral skills, since I have to speak in English during my lessons. Anyway, I'd like to practise my skills doing differebt things, such as translating some stuff like comics, novels....ANY IDEA?
This are the news so far. Forgive my mistakes and my messy way of writing (I've already told you that I write these kind of things as they come to my mind) and hope you don't get as bored as it looks it will do.


domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

I'm back!

Hola, Holitaaaaa!!

So, here I am after almost 2 years. Waoh!so many things to say...I don't know where to start!
Frist of all, I'm going to write in English because I really need it! It's been years since I last wrote something in English!!!
Ok. Second, something about me.... I've already finished all my "compulsory" studies. Now, I want to study for "oposiciones" (don't really know if there's a term for that in English): they are the State exams for being a teacher in a highschool, for instance. As you can see, it's going to be a really long path to go through. Anyway, that's what I want to do, so there are not many other options....hahahahah  Meantime, I will give English lessons to children, teenagers and adults. This way, I will be practising my English skills and my teaching skills (also very important).
uhm.....I don't know what else to write!! I know I said at the beginning that I had a lot of things to say but.... I just remembered that I promissed to write again in my blog and I did it. That's the really important thing!hahah
Next time, it would be better!!!PROMISE!!!