domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

I'm back!

Hola, Holitaaaaa!!

So, here I am after almost 2 years. Waoh!so many things to say...I don't know where to start!
Frist of all, I'm going to write in English because I really need it! It's been years since I last wrote something in English!!!
Ok. Second, something about me.... I've already finished all my "compulsory" studies. Now, I want to study for "oposiciones" (don't really know if there's a term for that in English): they are the State exams for being a teacher in a highschool, for instance. As you can see, it's going to be a really long path to go through. Anyway, that's what I want to do, so there are not many other options....hahahahah  Meantime, I will give English lessons to children, teenagers and adults. This way, I will be practising my English skills and my teaching skills (also very important).
uhm.....I don't know what else to write!! I know I said at the beginning that I had a lot of things to say but.... I just remembered that I promissed to write again in my blog and I did it. That's the really important thing!hahah
Next time, it would be better!!!PROMISE!!!


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