lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Today: TRIPS---> BRISTOL!!!

When people say this typical sentence: you need to know something by yourself in order to give your own opinion about it.....
I can use that sentence for Bristol!!
What was Bristol to me?? Bristol was a name that I'd heard lot of times...but no image would come to my mind with it. Neither would do any museum, famous place, building....ANYTHING! But, what a surprise to go there and find ONE OF THE BEST CITIES IN ENGLAND!!
Till now, Oxford was the #1 for me, but Bristol would share that position with it (since they are different styles of cities).
Just before going to Bristol, some friends said "oh!!people say that's an ugly city", "It's not that famous", etc  what made me feel kind of "upset" because I thought I was waisting my money. I thought it will be something like Manchester (I am sorry, but people just have bad words about this city...and actually...there's not that much to see favourite thing was the football stadium....BUT you have to live the experience of going there) but, fortunately, Bristol is one of the best places I've been till now!

Just from the beginning: the SS Great Britain museum!! That ship!!OMG!!amazing!! It's like 10 pounds but it really worths it. An interactive museum where we had so much fun!!just playing to dress with those old clothes and taking pictures as if we were sailing....xDD  really nice!!and then...the DECK!!where the children weren't those 5-year-old boys but ourselves!taking pictures on the canions, with the timo....even recording videos! and last but no least....THE INSIDE! Not just to see the inside of the ship but really feel how it was to spend days in it: waxworks playing dfferent roles and, the best of all, the different smell in the different rooms. For instance, the kitchen really smelled like a real kitchen (and, to be fair...I was so hungry that THAT smell increased my apetite), the place where the horses were smelled like a real stable , etc.  We spend like 3 hours there....not exagerating!! I can tell for sure that we spent like 2 hours and a half.

Some of the pictures taken inside the ship:
This room smelled really aweful!!!

On the other side, the other thing we enjoyed the most: THE BRIDGE!!! Just need to take the bus number8 at the hypodromus square (I think it was called like that). It costs 1,90 pounds. Not just the bridge and the views are cool, but also the part near it (I don't remember the name now). A green place where you can enjoy of wonderful panoramas and take cool pictures of the bridge.

This last is a panoramic picture that I took with my mobile phone. Unfortunately, it looks too small here. On the left you can see the bridge, and on the right side it's the observatory, placed in the green area.

We couldn't see the University, which seemed to be very cool, but we took pictures around the city:

And I think this is a good way to summarize this trip!!^^

Bye, Bye..

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